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The Foundations of a Healthy Relationship

Published: November 13, 2012

Relationships can take a lifetime to figure out. Even older adults are constantly learning new things that can help them be better partners. However, even though there may be no perfect relationship, there are certainly some that are better than others. Knowing the foundations of a healthy relationship can help you figure out what things may lead to trouble or happiness down the road.

First, you should always feel safe in a relationship. If you feel scared or threatened, then you are most definitely not in a good relationship.

A relationship should be built on qualities like respect, trust, honesty, equality and understanding. If these aren’t parts of your commitment to each other, then you may not be in a relationship that’s right for you.

Nearly all couples fight or disagree at some point.  The way in which those arguments are settled says a lot about the health of a relationship. Couples in healthy relationships deal with disagreements by:

  • Compromise (give and take)
  • Communicating openly
  • Encouraging individuality
  • Working through problems together
  • Talking without becoming angry

Another important aspect of a healthy relationship isn’t just about the time spent together, but also the time spent apart. Relationships built on jealousy tend to not work out. It’s important to be able to trust your partner when he/she isn’t standing next to you. It also helps to have some away time from each other. Make sure you aren’t completely cutting off your other friendships because you are spending all of your time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s natural to want to spend time with each other, but it’s also healthy to spend time apart.


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