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Don't be a Bully

Published: August 6, 2014

His hands shook as he told them the joke that haunted his life, hoping they would be on his side. But they laughed too, just like everyone else. On the outside, he displayed a half-hearted smile, though his eyes, filling with tears, revealed the brokenness emerging from his heart. No one took the time to look past his outside surroundings. No one took the time to realize he hurt immensely more than he let on.

No one took the time to stand up to those who bullied him for what makes him who he is.

Name calling. Gossip. Threats. Abuse. Each attribute to one too common act: bullying. Whether it’s through a computer or intentionally harming a person, bullying unfortunately remains active among high, middle, and even elementary schools. What bullies fail to realize are the long-lasting effects influenced on those they hurt. These include not only insecurities, but also low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. A person often hears to importance of reporting bullying, but hardly any stand up for them. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking the bully on yourself, but just being a friend. A person who feels victimized due to bullying only wants the comfort of knowing there is someone on their side.

No one took the time to be the one thing he needed: a friend. 


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