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The Power of Positivity

Published: June 17, 2015

With social media and advertising blasting out photos and commercials of photoshopped men and women, it can sometimes be hard to remember that these aren’t what most bodies look like, let alone stay positive about your own.

Being body positive means that instead of putting yourself down, you’re appreciating what your body can do. Your body is a functioning system that needs nourishment and exercise to survive. It can run, swim, walk, eat, and grow.  What’s important is not how your body looks, but how you feel about your body. If you feel great about your body, then—voila!—that will show on the outside. Confidence is the best outfit you can put on!

But it doesn’t stop there: an important part of becoming body positive is practicing positive thinking. This could mean setting some time aside to practice yoga, meditation time, or another activity that helps you connect your mind and body, or even laying down and just concentrating on your breathing. Focus on not only what your body does for you, but for what you can do for your body. 


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Real Talk:
Get Vaccinated

Getting routine shots from your doctor is never fun, but getting HPV is worse.

Protect yourself by getting vaccinated. The HPV Vaccine is cancer prevention. Ask your doctor about what you can do to stay safe, or call 865-215-5000 to schedule a vaccination appointment at the Health Department.