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What Respect Means to Me

Published: September 3, 2015

By Courtney

When I think about respect, different things come to mind. I feel as if people should treat others as they want to be treated, but it seems like no one really listens to that quote anymore. I feel like if you want respect then you’ve got to give respect in return. Respect is an important thing for people to have and to share. When my son grows up into the wonderful young man I know he will be I want him to treat his girlfriends with respect and kindness. I want my son to be a gentleman: respectful, kind, loving, caring, and so much more when he’s in a relationship. I want my son to treat his girlfriend like a queen or princess.

Respect is a very important thing to teach your kids because if they learn about respect as they’re growing up, then when they start dating they’ll know how to treat their partner the right way instead of the way most people treat one another today. Respect is the key to everything. As we grow up, some of us learn about respect and how to use it and some of us don’t. Respect is a very wonderful thing when used right and I want my son to grow up knowing how to be respectful and being a respectful gentleman that I know he will one day be.


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